Here are a couple before pictures of
Gethsemane Baptist Church


Before Pic 1

Before Pic 2Before Pic 3

Here are a few pictures during the sealing process.

During Pic 1

First we weed eat then we use high powered leaf blowers
to completely clear the parking lot of any debris.

During Pic 2

Then we repair any and all potholes and cracks, as you can see.

During Pic 3

As you can see from this picture the Lot looks 100% better just
after repairing Pothole's, Cracks and sealing the lot.


Here's the completed Job after sealing and restriping the lines and repainting the handicap spots.

After Pic 2

After Pic 4

Looks great doesn't it? Now look below for a dramatic change between the new and the old Handicap parking stenciling.

Handicap Before PicHandicap After Pic

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